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27/05/2012 / korayozsoy

Evimde bir robot gördüm sanki?

Son dönemlere baktığımızda özellikle Hollywood filmlerinden aşina olduğumuz robot kavramının hızla evlerimizin içine taşındığını görmek hiç de zor değil. Sizin yerinize yemek yapanlar, evinizi temizleyenler, çocuğunuzun eğlenmesini sağlayan, eğiten ve hatta size onların durumunu bildiren robotların sayısı giderek artıyor. Kısacası önceleri özellikle endüstri ve savunma sanayilerinde tercih edilen bu teknolojiler artık bizlere çok daha yakın. Hızlı ve yoğun şehir hayatının bir sonucu olarak da görülebilecek bu robot tercihi ve günümüzdeki mevcut örnekler, tasarım ve mühendislik yanında insan-robot etkileşimi ve bunun iyi çalışılmasının önemini ortaya koyuyor. Toplumdaki yaygınlığı ve göreceli olarak diğer akranlarına göre eski sayılabileceği için yer temizlik robotları gözlem için iyi bir zemin olabilir.

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02/01/2011 / korayozsoy

Current approaches in ‘nomadic retailing’: peddlers

This Sunday I took my time to walk quickly on Bagdat Avenue, one of the most well-known avenues in Istanbul. My focus was on peddlers to understand mainly what kind of problems they might face on the street and how intuitively they tried to overcome those. Since this was a quick walk, I did not want to have any conversation with them. I believed in my eyes and tiny camera instead ;).

'Simit' (known also as "Turkish bagel") is the most widely-preferred product for peddlers in Turkey

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26/12/2010 / korayozsoy

Happy new year!

I wish you a happy and cheerful 2011 together with all your beloved ones!

Happy 2011!




12/12/2010 / korayozsoy

An Ethnographic Study on The Roomba Vacuum Cleaner in the Domestic Environment in Italy

In recent decades, robots have appeared to be more present in our domestic lives in order to correspond to different needs and purposes of use. Some of them serve to entertain inhabitants, whereas others focus on performing specific services. The majority of studies in the literature indicate that even old, traditional tools are being replaced by these new robotic products that are used for the same or similar tasks.

Honda ASIMO the humanoid robot (1)

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05/12/2010 / korayozsoy

Half day in Favela de Rocinha, the largest favela in Brazil

It was 7 o’clock in the morning; I woke up to a nervous feeling even though I was in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Nervous sounds surprising especially right after having watched the amazing samba carnival, a classic in February. That strange feeling should be because I had heard many people advising not to go ‘there’ since they think it is really dangerous. ‘There’ represents ‘Favela de Rocinha’, the largest favela (slum) in Brazil. Fast forwarding the boring demographics, I want to share mainly my personal experiences together with some scenes which I captured during my half day tour in this one of the most developed slum areas of Brazil. For detailed demographics we have Wikipedia, right?! 😉

'Some' experiences in Favela de Rocinha

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28/11/2010 / korayozsoy

Great Gift Ideas: 50 Affordable Designs by Famous Designers

Juicy Salif by Philippe Starck

Your parents, grandparents, wife, children, your girfriend, boyfriend… It is always difficult to find a good gift idea for special days no matter for whom you intend to look. Designophy, that is a design publication covering contemporary design and technology news, latest competitions, interviews, articles and topics related with all design professions, found a way to help us come up with unique ideas.

A famous designer’s touch to an everyday object often results in unique but expensive products. Here we have put together 50 affordable products ($5-$100) designed by famous names and/or reached a cult status. A design feels always better if you have it at home. This list composed by Ali Vatansever for Designophy will be a design buying guide for you.

See the entire list here:

21/11/2010 / korayozsoy

The Story of Stuff

For "Dummies" Book Series

One way or another, we all must have seen the “Dummies” book series with their particular yellow cover that are giving instructions about a bunch of computer software. “Windows for dummies”, “AutoCAD for dummies”… Yes, I tried to read one of those. Does it make me dummy? 😉 And I improved my skills a lot instead. It was maybe the overall concept that took my attention at the first glance. But then I noticed how easy the language was. Heavy content, but the chosen way of communication was not boring at all.

“The Story of Stuff International” by Annie Leonard definitely reminded me of those in the beginning. In spite of its heavier and deeper content, Annie takes the level of communication one step further. The message, that is mainly about sustainability and our meaningful contribution (!), is delivered so simple and bold. The animation style, transactions, words and connections… Her communication choice is brilliant and it goes very well with its scope. I wonder how many people would get the real point if it had been written on a paper instead of such a way of delivering the message. But we still keep on consuming so deadly. That is why I wish to see more of those nice efforts.

Watch and let others watch: